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Giving Back

There are so many reasons why we at LOVE JUNE choose to give back. Not only do we want to sell clothes and accessories that make women feel beautiful and empowered, but we also strive to sell brands that make an impact on the lives of others in our community and around the world. We want to make giving back an integral part of our mission and our customer experience.

We want women to feel good when they leave our store, not only because they found clothes that they love, but also because by purchasing those clothes, they were able to help someone in need. We hope by doing this, we inspire our customers to continue to give back and make a difference in the world. 

 Ways LOVE JUNE gives back

  • Donate a portion of all sales to Orphan Aid Liberia
  • All proceeds from the selling of LOVE. T-shirts goes to Orphan Aid Liberia -PURCHASE HERE

    Orphan Aid Liberia was created in 2008, when Daryl Roberts of Cartersville, GA went on a mission trip with his local church. This trip was intended to assess the needs of a specific village, but instead, Daryl found a group of one hundred children that were struggling to survive. Because of a brutal civil war that shattered the country, 300,000 children were now orphaned and abandoned in Liberia, West Africa. After a few days on the mission trip, Daryl knew that God had placed these children in his life for a purpose, and that it was his call to make sure that they were cared for. Daryl immediately called his wife, Chrissy, and she began collecting clothes, food, and school supplies before Daryl even returned.  
When Daryl originally found these children, they were sick, infested with parasites, extremely malnourished, and had no real shelter or stable food supply. Once he returned to the States, he began raising money to build a boy’s dorm, girl’s dorm, and an elementary school.  In 2008, our children slept in a roofless, unstable room, where five children slept in a rotting mattress (if they were even fortunate enough to have a mattress). Today, our children sleep two to a full-size bed, in a stable room with fans and doors that are able to be locked. Since this transition alone, we have been able to watch our children grow into healthier, thriving children.
Since 2008 when we began, we have also started a feeding program, where we have provided over 400,000 meals to our children. Our orphanage has grown to hold about 125 children, and we are very thankful to have room so that we are not forced to turn away any child. We built solar panels so that the sun can provide energy for our children to have light in their dorms and schools. A well has been dug so that they receive clean water each day. Also, one of our most influential programs has been the implementation of a deworming program. Because of the unsanitary conditions in which our children are living, they struggle with intestinal parasites. These organisms have the ability to literally suck the life out of our children, taking away any nutritional value from food, and making it difficult to focus in school. Since we have been providing them with this medication twice a year, we have seen a drastic improvement in their skin, hair, weight, and academic work.
Orphan Aid Liberia was created to rebuild the lives of these 300,000 orphaned children physically, mentally, and spiritually. At Orphan Aid Liberia, we believe that every one of those children are precious to God, and that it is our responsibility to show them that they are loved, that they are special, and that they are certainly not forgotten.

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