Midi Skirts On My Mind

Posted on 07 April 2015

I first wanna start off this blog by saying, I am sitting in my PJ's, tucked under the covers of my bed, with a mud mask on and my hair in a huge bun on top of my head. Your fashion blogger at her finest obviously! ;)
Any who I must say I am rather excited about this blog post, its actually been on my mind all day! So lets talk Midi Skirts.
I love a good midi skirt, Mainly because they are the perfect example of that oh so over used quote "Modest is the hottest".. Now, now don't tune me out. Midi skirts can come in all fits, prints and colors and in my opinion can be just as sexy as any mini skirt. They are a nice reminder that you don't have to show off everything you've got to feel beautiful and that is something I am all for.
Who was it? Emma Watson? I believe she once said "My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder." 
Not only are they flirty and fun but they are so comfy! One of our latest arrivals is my new love. The name "Polka Dot Perfection skirt:" fits it to a T. 
Pair this with a blouse for church or a tee for a hot summer day.
AND its got pockets, I mean whats better than a skirt with with a pocket to hold your lip gloss and another for your cell?
Midi skirts are just cool ya know? I mean everyone's wearing them ;)
(Peer pressure?! What kind of blogger am I?)
The yellow polka dot's and blue trim pockets just melt my heart and I can not wait to get my hands on this gorgeous skirt!
Follow us on all our social media, and keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals just like this one! 
If we're lucky, we might just get some more midi's!!! 
Xoxo, love june 
-- Charlie 

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