Shoe Love is True Love

Posted on April 01, 2015 by Chloe Hobgood | 0 comments

With a great pair of shoes anything is possible. 

I know that may seem a little dramatic but I am serious. Shoes are probably my favorite part of my wardrobe. I have an obsession and I am not ashamed. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? 


Your feet deserve to look just as good as the rest of your body and a pair of really great shoes can absolutely make an outfit. You can go from "blah" to "wow" in as long as it takes you to slip on your favorite pumps or strap on your favorite pair of wedges. As my wardrobe starts to mature, my taste in shoes has evolved as well. I used to be the girl that wore her black combat boots with absolutely everything. And while I still love my old faithful combat boots (with the right outfit) I have learned that a little change is a good thing.

Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

With that, I gotta talk to y'all about one of our newest arrivals simply because I am in love. 

I think this is what love feels like. I sure hope so anyway. 

A few years ago, I wouldn't have even given these puppies a second glance, but now I can't stop staring. 

Our "Looking for a Stud" heel has me drooling on my keyboard. These babies are perfect and have just the right amount of edge to fit in quite nicely with my wardrobe. You can wear them with your favorite sleek skinnies, posh top and blazer for a look that says you're ready to take on the world. You can also wear them with your favorite A-Line or tulle skirt for a fun Carrie Bradshaw-esque style that will have everyone running home to watch their favorite re-run of Sex And The City. 

Check these out along with all of our other shoes on our website under our accessories tab and shop until your shoe obsession is in full swing. 

Happy hump day and happy shopping!

xoxo, Love June


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