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On A Fringe Binge - 10 Must Have things to keep in your summer satchel

Posted on 27 March 2015

Hey lovelies, You're probably like "Hey charlie, you don't post on Fridays?!" I know, i know, I am slacker and I am oh so sorry! Let's just say my laptop was anti-blog last night.. any who lets talk about the fact that love june always has the freaking cutest purses around and this "uptown fringe you up" is no exception.

It totally screams summer and even though it just SNOWED here in southern Indiana, summer is still on its way! Yesterday morning before I conquered an incredibly long and tiring work day I took a moment to clean out my purse and I realized that purses rock!!! Okay you all totally already knew that, in my opinion a purse can be one of two things, 1. full of old receipts and spare change or 2. full of everything you could ever need all tucked away and perfectly organized. So I am here to give you a list (yes another list, its a talent) of 10 things you've just gotta keep in your satchel this summer! 

1. I am just gonna come right out and say it.. One, travel size deodorant (must I explain?!)

2. One pack of your all time favorite, breath saving, minty (or fruity personal preference) gum!

3. Oil blotting sheets

4. Small foundation compact, you never know when you will need a quick "touch up"

5. Lip gloss, lip stick, lip plumper, lip tint, chapstick.. just so ya know, your lipgloss is always "poppin'"

6. Pepper Spray, this daddy's girl has been carrying some for who knows how long (shout out to my pops for always keepin' me protected!)

7. Wallet of course, which most likely holds a gift card to love june ;)

8. Spare bobby pins, hair ties and clips!

9. Lotion, nothing is more annoying than dry skin on a summer day.

10. Directions to and or the address of love june... oh wait, did we fail to mention?!  Love june will soon have its own store front! You heard it here first ;)

Stay tuned for more info on that huge bomb, we just dropped on ya'll!

That's a wrap for this week girls, talk to ya tuesday!

XOXO, love june --


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