Fancying Florals

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Charlie Wenz | 0 comments

Sitting here hoping "fancying" is a word..it is acceptable as a blogger to make up words as long as they are solely for the purpose of alliteration right??
Ladies, how is it only Tuesday?? I already feel like this work week has been forever long
and I am so in need of some good ol' retail therapy.
Luckily, love june always has my back for that! They also are feeding my never ending need for floral pieces.
Floral is so in and I am 100% convinced it will never go out.
I am obsessed with all the gorgeous new arrivals!! 12 and 5 are my new favorite times of the day.
If you are craving spring and summer as bad as us love june girls are then get your hands on these gorgeous floral pieces!
Your closets are crying out, I can hear them now! ;)
Keep your eyes peeled for stunning new arrivals every week day at noon and five!
Follow us on all our social medias to keep up to date on sales and events!
XOXO, love june
-- Charlie

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