Anatomy Of A Perfect Pinterest Outfit -- A Recipe For Fashion

Posted on 19 March 2015

Good Afternoon Class ;)
Welcome to Thursday! I hope you brought a pen and paper, 
because the recipe to creating the perfect outfit will soon be in your hands!
I have found that a good outfit consists of several things but the most important thing is flow.
An outfit that just doesn't flow, is an outfit for other girls!
You on the other hand are a fashionista and you will never be caught looking anything but fabulous!
Shall we get started?
I always recommend basing an outfit off one piece.
Have it be a boldly patterned skirt or eye catching necklace, take that piece and go.with.it.
Lets take this top..
Cute, right?! 
We will have this top be our "focal point"
This top is stunning all on its on and I don't want this outfit to have too much going on, so we are going to leave the jewelry as simple as possible.
No necklace but some little earrings would be perf.
To keep the focus on our gorgeous "sweet on you top" lets go with some basic denim jeans.
How about.. these?
Now shoes can be a bit tricky because you have SO many options. 
But you all know me! I am all about prints! So I've gotta throw in a little leopard print! ;)
Since we went with flats, I recommend cuffing your jeans. This will keep your look relaxed and flowing nicely.
No outfit is complete in my opinion without a little layering, and lucky for us love june has the cutest blazers and in tons of fun colors! Since our focal point is the top, I am going to just throw on a little black blazer to tie it all together!
and wala! Our look is complete! 
Keep it simple and don't forget to have fun!
Checkout love june today for caaaaute new arrivals and essential pieces to the perfect outfit! 
Hope your weekend is both sassy and stylish!
Xoxo Love june -- Charlie

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