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My feels on the latest trends

Posted on 03 March 2015

Ahhhh! Happy March to my favorite blog readers ever!
Is it not just totally, completely insane that it's already march?!
February seemed to just fly by, like its the shortest month or something ;)
Any who... Happy Tuesday, Happy March, and Happy reading my dear friends! 
PS. Before we get started here, I would love to hear some feed back from ya'll and your opinions on the "latest" fashion trends I listed below! Don't be afraid! Comment!!!
Latest Trends and If I love or hate them
All opinions in this post are my own and do not reflect others affiliated with Love June ;)
Gingham Print -- Okay, I have to admit. I love this trend. Its so stinkin' cute and although I have yet to find one, I am dying to find this print in a gorgeous little midi skirt to pair with a hot pink top and some pumps!
Apron Skirting -- eeeeeeeeeek, for those of you who are unaware of this current trend it is pairing a short skirt over top of a long skirt and with all do respect... no thank you!
Dressing down your shoes -- Now that is a terrible name to describe this trend but I am sure you got the idea! I love this look and I am so jealous of the girls who know how to pull this one off {One trend I am still working on} Plus what is better than a comfy shoe and a hot outfit?!
Tulle -- I AM ALL ABOUT TULLE, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Tulle is the cutest thing and I will rock a tulle skirt to church, to work, even to target. My all time favorite things to pair with my tulle skirt is: Denim button up shirt, statement necklace and cheetah print flats! So cute & so comfy. Love it.
Chokers -- I am not a very soft grunge kind of girl but props to the cuties that can rock a choker. This trend has got me stuck in the middle of love & hate.
Bell Bottom's -- oh, yes please. I love a cute bell bottom pant. Throw on some wedges or even some gorgeous sandals for a more boho vibe and you've stolen my heart!!!
Luckily, Love June has some of my favorite trends in stock now and I can't get enough of em'!
Add them to your cart, I know you want to ;)
Before I go..
What is your current favorite fashion trend?! Or even all time favorite fashion trend?! 
I would have to say mine is and will always be the Midi Skirt! 
You look so sophisticated, yet so dang sassy & cute!
Leave some comments below! I would love to read them!
Until net time my fashion lovin' friends
XOXO Lovejune -- Charlie

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