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Posted on 25 February 2015


I'm REAL happy its Wednesday, if you can't tell. 

And you should be too! You should also be happy because Love June is racking UP on new goods for you guys. We are getting so many new things in stock and new styles and fashions to fit anyone's personal preference. 

Boho? We've got it. 

Preppy? Got that too.

Flirty and bright? You know we've got that on lockdown. 

Seriously anything you could want, we're getting it. We have been asking for your opinions and we have been taking them seriously! We want you to LOVE Love June just as much as we do. 

With that being said, I wanna talk to you guys about something for a minute. 

Today's topic: Clutch Purses. 

No, I'm not trying to use whatever lingo it is the cool kids are using these days by saying "Dude our purses are so clutch." (even though they totally are)

I'm talking about actual clutch purses. Like the ones you always used to see Carrie Bradshaw carrying in Sex and The City? 

I think I am only using this example  because I secretly (not secretly at all) want to be Carrie Bradshaw one day. Well anyway. I love them. And we got two new GREAT ones here at Love June. 

Since spring is coming I am big fan of floral patterns. Sometimes people are a little nervous to mix patterns but it can be done! If you need a little guidance, check out Charlie's latest blog post on how to mix and match patterns and prints like the ones on our new floral clutches

To me, these things just scream sophistication. If you're cool and classy enough to carry a clutch bag, match it with your outfit AND not lose it on a night out on the town, you're alright in my book. 

Now that I am on my way to the big girl world (maybe) I think that these are a staple piece. I feel like when I carry a clutch I instantly become more grown up and sophisticated. Like yeah maybe the only things I am carrying in my clutch are a pack of strawberry sour punch straws and some cherry chapstick, but nobody needs to know that. 

(That isn't what I carry around in my purse by the way)

So head over to our whats new page and check out our new clutches as well as our other fabulous new purses and clothes. You won't be disappointed! 

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping! 

xoxo, Love June 


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