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Mixing Prints -- A How To!

Posted on 24 February 2015

Girls, I am oh so sick, but don't you think for even one second I was going to neglect the blog today!
No, no no because I have decided to share with you some of my top secret tips on how to mix prints with confidence! 
You're welcome ;)
Top Secret Tip Number One: Replace
This is the easiest way to mix prints in my opinion (Mixing prints for beginners you could say)
Take a bottom (Skirt, Pants, or Shorts) that is normally so bold you feel it must be paired with a plain top,
look at the pattern in this bold piece of yours, take note of the color scheme, toss out that plain top 
and replace it with a monochromatic pattern in that same color! 
Top Secret Tip Number Two: Sizes
My biggest "no, no" for mixing prints is a large pattern paired with another large pattern! 
If you've got a skirt with thick bold stripes, stay away from your large floral patterns! 
If you wanna rock that bold skirt, pair it with a small polka dot or floral pattern!
Top Secret Tip Three: Match colors not prints
Ah, I love a girl who is ready and willing to mix two bold patterns at the same time!
How to achieve that fun, pinterest girl, ootd is simple really!
Once you have replaced your yellow top, with a yellow floral top try mixing two prints,
that have one color in common! 
A blue skirt with yellow polka dots and a white top with yellow & green stripes!
Make sense?
Top Secret Tip Number Four: Leopard goes with everything!
This one is my favorite because I find leopard print anything to be so extremely sassy!
Pair your blue stripped dress with your favorite pair of leopard print flats! 
Your white button down, pink skirt and heels with a gorgeous leopard clutch!
Top Secret Tip Number Five: Double Up!
This ones easy!
Large pattern, polka dot top with a small pattern polka dot scarf! 
Bonus Top Secret Tip Number Six: Have Fun!
Wear what you want! If you look in the mirror and love it, wear it!
Who cares if people stare?! You're gorgeous and they know it! 
Confidence is key!
Now that I've got you pumped for some pattern mixin'
Here are some gorgeous pieces you could play with from lovejune! 
Love ya'll!
Xoxo Lovejune, -- Charlie!

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