Feeling "Shifty" about Valentines Day?

Posted on 10 February 2015

Don't worry, you're not alone. 

Ok so Valentines Day is great, yeah whatever. You get to show your significant other how
much you love them and participate in the single most commercialized holiday
of the year and you get to rub it in all of your single friends faces
that you have a boyfriend and they don't. Cool. 
I'm not bitter about it. 
Seriously, I'm not. 
I think Valentines Day is cool. I'm not anti-Valentines Day.
I just think that we should take this time to show EVERYONE in our lives how much we love them,
not just your romantic partner. And we shouldn't use it as a competition
to see who got the best gift or who has the best significant other.
Because the answer is me.
I mean I go ALL OUT on Valentines Day.
I give myself the best gifts, treat myself to the best food, I compliment myself every day.
I even leave sweet little notes for myself to find throughout the day.
I'm the best boyfriend i've ever had.
I digress...
Want to know what I love? Clothes. 
All V Day opinions aside - it is a time to celebrate,
and who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed up?
I know I do. 
So if you're kinda iffy on the whole subject,
you just don't know what to wear or how you even feel about Valentines Day,
we've got the perfect suggestion for you:
The Shift Dress.
Ok so no, this dress wasn't designed for the particularly indecisive
and it in no way has to match your mood or feelings on a subject,
but I will say they are dang cute and they look good on almost anyone.
*Disclaimer: this dress was designed for no other intended
purpose then to look cute and make you feel good about yourself.
Don't associate shift dresses with indecisiveness from now
on just because of some blog post you read
by a single 21 year old college student whose entire
life is made upof not knowing how to make decisions* 


On to the important things:
The dresses. Now here at Love June we have plenty of options
for your V Day needs this year and these are just a few
that come in the form of a shift dress: 
Our Simply Shifted solid pleated shift dress is the perfect option for obvious reasons.
Use whatever accessories you please to spice this little number up.
We LOVE this as a wardrobe staple. (Also available in lavender)
Another great option is our Riveting Shift Dress with a crochet trim.
It is simple and stylish with just the right amount of detail to make it stand out,
no matter what your Valentines Day plans are.
This dress will work particularly well if the weather warms up.
(Also available in green and navy)
One more great piece you could rock this Valentines Day is our
Reddy for Anything Shift Lace Detailed Dress
If you're not a huge fan of pink, this red number is the perfect option.
The crochet details on the arms and trim around the sleeves
add a little bit of contrast and dimension that
will keep the dress interesting and visually appealing.
Paired with your favorite pair of brown wedges,
you'll be reddy for whatever Valentines Day brings your way
(get it? reddy, because its red? ...ok cool.)
So, whether your V Day plans include a romantic date,
or a night in treating yourself, make sure you tell the people you care about
how much you love and appreciate them,
because in the end that is all that really matters! 

Let Love June dress you this Valentines Day and every holiday! 

Much Love,
xoxo, Love June 


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