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Bachelorette Recap

Posted on 24 May 2016

It's that time friends! The bachelorette is back and can I just say that I love JoJo! Her breakup with Ben was truly heartbreaking but you can definitely tell that she wants to find her husband and she wants to settle down. 
Monday night began with a little girl time with former bachelorettes, Ali Fedowsky, Desiree (now Siegfried), and Kaitlyn Bristowe. I love the advice they gave JoJo. They told her to enjoy every single moment and stay true to your feelings. Nothing like some good girl.
Jordan: Former NFL player and little brother of Aaron Rogers. He's finally ready to make love a priority again.
Alex: U.S. Marine from California that finally has his priorities right. 
James: Bachelor superfan.
Evan: former pastor turned erecital dysfunction specialist.
Ali: Surfer boy that thinks Jo Jo is the girl of his dreams.
Christian: Super successful and techy geek who is really sweet.
Luke: Cowboy from a small town who rode in on a unicorn and is ready for real love.
Derek: Commercial banker who thinks JoJo is grounded.
Grant: His opening line was I'm not going to fall in love with two girls like Ben... well that's good to know. 
James: Didn't come for a rose, he came for a relationship.
Robby: Competitive swimmer that brought a bottle of wine or he and JoJo to share.
Will: Civil engineer that dropped his notecards & mixed them up when reading them back to JoJo.
Chad: Real estate agent
Daniel: Crazy Canadian who tried to make a "Damn JoJo" joke that backfired when she didn't know what he was talking about. 
James Taylor: Fellow Texan who sang Jo Jo a song and played the guitar. 
Jonathan: Half Chinese and half Scottish that went on to say "luckily for me I'm half Scottish below the waist,"
Nick: Came dressed as Santa and gave JoJo a present.
Chase: Stepped out from the limo wearing a fake mustache and said to JoJo, "I mustache you a question but I'm going to shave it for later."
Jake: Architect 
Sal: Brought blue stress balls for JoJo to which she replied "What a gesture!"
Coley: Real estate agent
Brandon: Hipster who proudly claimed he doesn't know anything about JoJo
Nick S: Impressed JoJo by doing a split. 
Vinny: Gave a toast to JoJo with an actual piece of toast.
Peter: Gave JoJo a huge stuffed heart.
Wells: DJ, brought an achipello group and completely wowed JoJo.
AND.... that's all the guys. Now let's hear how the first night went.
Alex, the US marine, was the guy who stole her away from the group first. Of course the other guys didn't appreciate that but JoJo seemed to enjoy watching him do push-ups.
All of the guys are so nervous and and it's making it hard for JoJo to find a connection with most of the guys. Jordan, the former NFL player, was the first guy that made a real connection with JoJo. 
One guy brought one of those paper fortune tellers (remember, you pick a color and then  number) and JoJo picked (of course) the one with the kiss and they had a really awkward kiss that she didn't enjoy.
Right after the awkward kiss, Jordan came back for his kiss that he didn't snag earlier. And might I just say that JoJo was swooning. 
Later in the night, crazy Canadian Daniel was poking other guys in the belly button and jumped in the pool. Let's just say he had a little too much to drink, along with several other guys. 
Thinks looked up though when JoJo finally got to talk to James. She thinks he's cool, funny, sweet, and smart. 
Luke, the country boy, gave JoJo a pair of cowboy boots. Of course she was instantly attracted to him. 
In the end, the first impression rose went to the guy she felt most connected to... Jordan!
Right before the rose ceremony, Jake Pavelka, former bachelor, walked in to give JoJo some last minute advice. All of the guys were sweating it though thinking he was there to steal their girl.
The guys that got JoJo's attention were:
Luke, Wells, James Taylor, Grant, Derek, Christian, Chad, Chase, Alex, Robby, Brandon, James F., Ali, Nick, Will, James S., Vinny, Evan
I can't wait to see where this journey takes JoJo.  

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